Koko Samoa- A traditional drink from the South Seas islands of Samoa, still prepared in the way of Meso-American Indians. Made from stone ground cacao beans. This Koko Samoa is un-sweetened so sweeten to taste with sugar or honey. We do offer a sweetened version , (see shop)

To prepare add 3 tablespoons to 2 cups of hot water, bring to a low simmer

sweeten to taste  (if desired add milk or cream) but do try this recipe to taste

the true flavour of Pacific chocolate

No additives

vegan – dairy free – gluten free – sugar free


add 1 tablespoon per 300mls of water, bring water to a simmer add milk or sweetener to suit taste



Koko Samoa is a South Pacific chocolate drink , dating back to the 1600 century with roots based on chocolate drinks prepared by the Meso-Americans. And introduced to the Pacific Islanders by the Spanish sailors.

Our Koko Samoa is  crafted from roasted cacao beans, winnowed to remove the outer shell. Then stone ground to a silky ,buttery smoothness.

          – 100% pure cacao –

vegan – sugar free – dairy free

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